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Tropical Leaves

We are a nonpartisan group of young environmental activists from Orange County, CA that aims to educate and connect young people to ways they can take action on environmental issues in

Southern California and beyond!


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Our mission is to provide a welcoming space where we encourage young people to discover the role they can play in the environmental movement by providing educational resources on how they can take individual action and advocacy training so they can take collective action.

How do we achieve our mission?

Environmental education through social media

We create educational yet relatable content such as memes and TikToks to increase the public’s awareness and knowledge of environmental issues like climate change because this type of content is an integral part of our culture and shared language.  We want to tap into the potential virality of social media to make climate action a greater priority for young people.

Support and connect people together

We highlight, support, and uplift other environmental organizations and their advocacy projects; we aim to connect our members to local organizations and encourage collaboration so we are united in our shared goal of increasing environmental action.

Build a strong community

We hold monthly in-person social events and host outreach events to bond as a group and increase our visibility and credibility as a community organization.

Climate advocacy training

Finally, we offer climate advocacy training to expose young people to information about how they can make an impact on environmental legislation by getting involved in politics and discovering their voice and personal power as youth activists.

Our Future is in Our Hands

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