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Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


We are a small, growing organization doing our best to create and involve ourselves with as many environmental initiatives as we can. Our calendar below features our own hosted events (tagged both light green and yellow), other climate groups recurring meetings schedule (tagged dark blue), local recurring cleanups and restoration events (tagged red), and local recurring nature tours (tagged brown). Click on an event for more details. Please be patient as our Google Calendar loads.

Another organization, Climate Collective, lists a diverse selection of local climate events that are: fun, interesting, beginner-friendly, community-building. These can be found on their site at:

Look out for R&S events which have a green heart emoji.

Since only recurring events are listed on our own calendar here, some organizations with cleanups/restoration events hosted on an irregular schedule or location are listed on Climate Collective instead. These include: the Environmental Nature Center, Stand Up to Trash, Surfrider, and others. 

Some of our favorite annual days:

  • Earth Day (April 22)

  • Arbor Day (last Friday of April)

  • California Biodiversity Day (Sept 7)

For questions, reach out to:

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